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Sometimes you just need a little nudge to get started. With Creative Services by Wise Assistant, we make it ridiculously easy to get your personal brand off the ground. Simply, we do the work for you! 💪

For the month of May, we're offering each of these services at a discount. You can try any of these services for $20 per month. These discounted prices won't last forever, so reach out before it's too late.

🚀 Grow

Kickstart your brand

You tell us about your favorite colors and designs and we define your personal branding strategy. This includes colors, logos, typography, and more.

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Find local partners

Limited Availability

We match you with 2-3 local businesses each month for a trade. You get to collab with local businesses that put your brand in front of new people.

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Grow your Instagram

We get your page in front of new people in your local community. This is a monthly service that's completely customizable to your goals and operations.

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❤️ Engage

Start your website & blog

We design, build, and set up your dream website. This even includes your own custom domain and the ability to easily edit your website whenever.

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Run your blog

We set up and manage your blog, posting 2-3 articles each month. We write SEO-optimized articles around your specific niche and with your personal tone.

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Run your newsletter

We set up a blog for your email or SMS newsletter, sending 2-3 newsletters each month. We write the newsletter for you with your personal tone.

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💰 Monetize

Find paid brand partners

Limited Availability

We source and set up paid brand deals for you. You make money while promoting your favorite brands on social media.

Note: There's a 20% service fee for sourcing paid partnerships.

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Start your merch store

We design custom merch for your personal brand and set-up your store using Shopify. We make it super easy to get started selling branded merch.

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Sell digital products

We adapt 2-3 pieces of your content into sellable digital products, like an itinerary, a service, or a course you can sell.

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Want to get started on your own? You can always get started using our free and PRO tools to build your website, start your blog, and run your newsletter.

Don't see something you're looking for? Reach out to our team at and let us know! We're always looking to launch new tools and services.

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